Monday, August 15, 2005

Prayer requests: August 2005

I truly do value each and every one of you who support me through your prayers as well as financially. Please pray however God leads you to pray for me. Here are some specific requests I have as well as items of praise:

Praise God!
. . . for affordable housing in downtown Vancouver. Pray that God will bless my friends Rod and Amy as they have stepped up and offered their apartment to me
. . . for each and every individual and family who have comitted to support me financially and through prayer. Pray that God will continue to provide for those who give sacrificially and to those who seek to be part of what He is doing globally.
. . . for friends in Cedar Rapids who have opened their homes to me in the past year. I stayed at Pat Rieck's for the first half of the year, and at Danette Brooks' home more recently. It is truly a tremendous blessing to have a home away from home here in Iowa.
. . . for health and a good car! I have had some minor issues with my car recently, which made me realize how blessed I am to have a vehicle that generally works well. I do not take my good health for granted, either. I do have health insurance and will continue to have missionary health insurance in Canada. I pray I will not have to use it. ;)

Please pray
. . . that I will make the most of my borrowed time here in Iowa. It's challenging not being able to commit to teaching at the House of Hope or get involved in long-term ministry opportunities. May I continue to bless others in whatever ways God brings before me.
. . . that my work permit/Canada visa will come soon. I'm ready to go do the work I've been preparing to do for the past year.
. . . for a safe drive to Vancouver. It's a 3-day drive. I'll spend the first night somewhere in South Dakota, the next night with a former ORTV colleague in Montana, the next night with ORTV friends in Seattle, and then it's just a 3-hour drive to Vancouver. Crossing the border will delay things, though, since I need to export my car from the USA and import it into Canada.
. . . for a safe border crossing with no glitches regarding exports/imports.

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