Thursday, July 19, 2007


It doesn't feel like there's anything exceptional to tell you tonight.
It rained a lot today.
I drove through really, really bad mud today and didn't get stuck. PTL.
It's been cold for the past two days.
The team debriefing meeting was around a fire to keep us warm.
I got some work done in the office in between helping with team stuff.
My to-do list doesn't seem to be getting shorter.
I removed at least six brand new fleas from Kiprop's legs today.
John will go and spray their home and yard again tomorrow.
I wish I could wear pants when I go and work with the kids -
it would keep the fleas off my legs!
We had a 2-hour discussion on culture at dinner tonight.
I've been speaking more and more Swahili, though it's still broken.
I might go to Sudan at the end of this month. But might not, either.
Still waiting to hear the final verdict.
If I go, part of the journey to the destination may be by boat on the Nile.
Plans are coming together for my journey to the Congo next month.
To get to the Congo, we'll fly into Rwanda.
Flannel's going nuts. Might be time to turn off the lights.
I think she's part lion.


  1. Do you ever feel like you are putting your life in danger traveling to places like Sudan or the Congo? Please stay safe! This is wonderful work that you do.

  2. I might be, but not wrecklessly so. I honestly believe I'm doing what God has called me to do: To tell the stories of people who've been forgotten by the rest of the world, and to share with them the hope they have in Christ. :)