Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Full matatu. Full day.

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It's late and I still have plenty of work, but I'm really tired. It's 11 pm. I've been working since 7:30, not having had a moment to myself today. That's the reality of my job when teams are here. That's why I literally have to go away every so often to be refreshed.

Went back to the surgeon today to give him the research on Tungiasis I had found. He had asked me to print whatever I can find out... I know. It's different. He himself had copied a page from an old text book, suggesting medicine that is no longer available on the market. So he asked me to do more research on the side effects of Ivermicen. TIA.

Thought I'd at least upload some pictures taken recently. Click on the picture to see more.

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