Monday, March 26, 2007

Up a Limb

I should've taken pictures yesterday... It was a beautiful spring day, so Danette convinced me to join her in the yard to do some spring cleaning. (It didn't take much convincing, mind you.) After the expected raking and pruning, Danette thought it would be a good thing to trim back her huge apple tree. It might sound wonderful to have an apple tree in your back yard. This tree wasn't pruned well as a young tree, however, so the branches are wild and the fruit inedible. (I'm sure we can all think of some great spiritual analogy to that!)

Anyway, since the tree drops apples all summer that just make a mess in the yard and the neighbors' driveway, we decided to do some pruning. Armed with a saw and a great pair of pruning shears, Danette scaled the tree first. She got rid of a few branches, and then we switched places and I crawled higher into the tree... While hanging onto one branch and sawing off another, I decided to quit before an accident occurs.

Just as I got out the tree, the neighbor's little boys came over to help. It seemed like a lot of fun to them! They helped us fill both Danette's "yardie" (garden waste bin) and theirs! (We wouldn't let them play with the saws.)

Completing the task warrented a trip to Dairy Queen. And since it was such a gorgeous day, many others made their way to DQ. I think we looked the scruffiest of everyone in line...

I spent some time outside this morning, appreciating the wonderful weather as well as the results from yesterday's yard work. I love being able to physically see results of hard work!

On a different note: I just got an e-mail from Alex, our travel agent in Kenya. Last week, while I was trying to finalize flight arrangements, Alex informed me that if I flew home on Easter Sunday, I'd have to have a layover in London. He suggested I take the Monday night flight from LA instead, saying that there were still many seats available on this flight. This worked great for me, since it would give me the chance to celebrate Easter with friends at church rather than be on a plane. I went ahead and booked my domestic ticket to Los Angeles (since Alex said there were many seats left on the international flight) and asked Alex to make the connecting reservations.

The next day, however, he got back to me saying, "Sorry, a group must've made a reservation. You don't have a seat on that flight. You have to take an earlier flight." Umm, that's bad news, since my ticket on Travelocity was not changeable. If I'd change to the next flight out of LA, I would have to spend a night in LA and a night in London, stretching my 50-hour commute to almost 4 days!

I did the most logical thing: prayed for God to open up a seat, and asked others to pray for the same. This morning, I got a message from Alex saying that I have a seat on the original flight! God's a great travel agent, among many, many other things!

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