Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Flight Plan

Today, I got my flight home confirmed. I'll be leaving Cedar Rapids first thing on Easter Monday. It will be around 49 hours from when I leave home here till I get home in Kenya on Wednesday afternoon, Kenyan time.



  1. Hi Adele,

    Its exciting to here you'll be heading back to Kenya! I have a question...unrelated to your post. A while ago (I don't remember how long ago) you said you bought a solar heated shower. How did that work for you? And where did you get it? I would like to buy one for when I go to Haiti. God bless!

  2. Nutmeg,
    I'm thrilled that you're going back to Haiti.

    I'm pretty sure you can get the solar shower at any decent camping store, like REI. However, it's not the most convenient gadget out there.

    Heating the bag of water in the sun is no problem. But then picking up a full bag and hanging it somewhere can cause some hilarious challenges!

    If you buy the shower bag, take with you a hook to hang it from. And figure out how/where to hang it BEFORE you're in the shower, ready to be wet... (I know it sounds logical, but, nevermind, I don't need to share the details!)

    Something like a wreath hook--but much more sturdy--would be ideal! Perhaps you can buy a heavy-duty over-the-door hook at Home Depot. That would pose fewer problems than if you try to drill a hole somewhere to hang a bag from. (And then hope it doesn't fall on top of you...)

    Fortunately, you're shorter than I am. But I'm not unusually tall, either. And getting the bag mounted high enough was quite comical, too... If you'll be using an over-the-door hook, the water pressure probably won't be sufficient for the hose to go UPward and then down. After just a few minutes, you'd have to rely purely on gravitation, which has you somewhere below the bottom of the bag.

    I'm thinking you're probably starting to get the picture...

    In the end, it might simply be easiest to boil some water and take a bucket shower.

    If you do decide to try the solar shower, let me know if it worked for you.


  3. oh. that's so funny, sorry!