Friday, June 15, 2007

Lazy Friday Night

Flannel and I are watching Monk tonight.

It's been one of those days: My car has some issues (the gear box seems to be getting stuck, it has to go in for more expensive work next week), so I had to arrange to go to town with colleagues so I could go and meet a new intern at the airport. After getting there and waiting a while, I called our agent in Nairobi and found out that the intern has been put on another flight, tomorrow morning, since her luggage hadn't arrived with her... So, I spent the rest of the day in town, waiting for a ride home. Fortunately, I was able to have a few random meetings at the office, and I had some postcards with me so I could get some writing done. And I was able to go and take care of some business at the bank, part of my work permit arrangements. It was after 5 by the time I got home. It's one of those days when you simply have to smile at the events. Can't get upset at stuff like this.

Got back to Ilula and took care of a kid's finger. One of our kids cut his finger a week ago, and the wound isn't healing well, so I have been cleaning Obediah's wound in the afternoons to see if we can get it well. May I say that I am glad that I am not a nurse! Every time I clean his wound, I have to pretend I'm brave...

So, since our intern's not here yet (so the welcome dinner has been postponed till tomorrow) and since my car is broken (and I cannot drive to Kipkaren to go and pick up the staff I'm taking on a team-building retreat tomorrow), Flannel and I are having an impromptu movie night tonight. As I said, we're watching Monk. Flannel seems to like it.

Wish I could call for pizza. It's one of those things I miss at times, being able to get pizza for an easy dinner. Alas. I'll have to figure out something else. Ah! Just remembered. I bought fruit today. I'll make a smoothie.

Smoothie, anyone?


  1. Looks like he's getting a chubby kitty bum! :) He's precious!

  2. Tea Tree oil works wonders on cuts. ;)

  3. Kimberley,

    Thanks for the advice. I'm guessing you mean it for Obediah's finger, right? Right now, it's so badly infected, he really needs to go back to the doctor. It's not looking too good.

    As for Flannel, she really is 100% better than she was one week ago, when I got her. The wounds on her ears are from having been kept in a clay oven when she was smaller (!). Her ears are almost completely healed. Her tummy's still pretty bloated and I started her on worm meds this week. She has to have some bacterial infection. The left side of her tummy is bigger than the right, and it's permanently hard. But she has not discomfort when I poke at it. It might be my imagination, but I believe her tummy's starting to look better after having started the meds.

    Thanks for caring!


  4. Can I take a smoothie to go?! I'm glad that you got to relax and enjoy a movie. You could start a new trend in Africa - "A Smoothie and A Movie!"