Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday Night

The power just came back on after having been off for 5 hours. The kids were watching Cars and were just getting to the last 20 minutes or so of the movie when there simply was no power. Not here. Not in the entire region. It's funny how dependent you get on power... After visiting various parents at the children's homes, I came home, lit my lantern, made a cup of tea, and worked on a message for tomorrow. I have been asked to preach in Kipkaren. I'd appreciate your prayers for the time at church, that the message won't simply be yet another message, but that God would truly touch our hearts through this message on trusting Him.

Whatever bug I had on Friday seems to have passed. I'm feeling well again. But I'm still trying to catch up on work. It's always an interesting challenge to get things on my plate done while teams are here. I love having them in the area, that's for sure, it's just hard to keep up with the rest of my tasks at the same time, all while remembering to focus on relationships here, not get buried in my task list...

I'll be up very early in the morning to spend time with God, have breakfast, then head to Kipkaren no later than 7. I bought some stuff--including a fridge--for my place in Kipkaren, and with all that in the back of the Land Rover, I'd have to drive slower than usually over the bumps and craters along the way. Pastor Peter wants me there around 8, but I know that's an African 8 since church starts at 9 only. He wants to get the main points of the message from me as he'll be translating. Anyway, I'll be there early.

On a totally different note: The dogs here in Ilula have been going nuts recently. They, along with all the many dogs in the neighborhood, go on a barking frenzy every night. They just did. Will do the same again around 3 or so. I'm not sure what would get them to hush. Me shouting at them or whistling doesn't work.

Ah! It just hit me. I am doing a cultural taboo by whistling at the dogs at night. When one of the visitors was whistling the other evening, he was told that the Kalinjin believe that whistling at night calls snakes... Well, no snakes have showed up when I tried hushing the dogs. Maybe a show like "Kenyan Myth Busters" would do well here. Or then again, not at all.

On that note, it's off to Dreamland.

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