Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In the past 60 hours, I have...

  • flown to Nairobi and back
  • welcomed and been hosting an optometry team from Iowa
  • watched one of the guests (DeAnne) get headbutted by a giraffe
  • had the starter in my car replaced thanks to a minor fire (electrical short) in the engine!
  • watched a huge tree get cut down on the road from the airport
  • driven off the road to get around the fallen tree
  • had no voice (sinus infection has gone to my chest)
  • spoken too much, especially considering that I have no voice
  • gotten too little sleep
  • removed a bug from Faith's eye
  • been the "pointer person" on the eye exam line, pointing at the letters the kids had to read out loud
  • discovered that I officially have 20/15 vision
  • watched two beautiful sunsets
  • not gotten up early enough to watch the sunrise (but not slept in, either!)
  • tried finding parts in town to build a phoroptor stand
  • learned more about slit lamps, phoroptors, autorefrectors (and the reasons why I'm not an optometrist)
  • killed five spiders (one just with my flat hand, which made me realize I've really gotten used to living here)
  • tried to explain Kenyan culture to the visitors
  • not gotten to my "regular" work
  • shaken the hands of innumerable strangers along the way while walking with the team
  • dozed off while writing a blog entry
I'm off to Dreamland at an unusually early 10:30.

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  1. When you are feeling more rested you have to explain the headbutt from the giraffe!

  2. Wow, you deserve the slumber!