Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Things I will and won't miss about Jakarta

Recently, I started making a mental list of things I will and won't miss about Jakarta. It's part of the transition process. At least, for me it is, especially since it's not l simply want to get out of this place. Nor do I dread leaving. So it's good to acknowledge some of the process of letting go...

I will miss . . .
  • friends who have crept into my heart, some over the course of the year, some just in the last few months
  • some Indonesian foods, like beef rendang and chicken sate
  • being close to some pretty amazing sites to explore on weekends
  • cheap taxi rides
  • working with little ones and introducing them to the amazing world of reading, writing and arithmetic... I especially love seeing the light in their eyes when they understand concepts for the first time
I won't miss . . .
  • having to take taxis to get around. Though convenient and affordable, I'm far too independent to be dependent on strangers to drive me places
  • teaching preschool. It's been a season through which I have learned much and for which I am thankful. But I won't miss being a preschool teacher. It's what I did, not who I am
  • Jakarta (neither the traffic, nor the heat, nor the crowdedness, nor life in general here)
I don't regret having spent this year in Indonesia. I gained much insight for my dissertation. I gained interesting insights into my field of study. I had fun experiences. I made dear friends. I also had some unforgettable experiences relating to my job search... All in all, it's been a good year. And one that I'm OK with it being over.

Now, what are some things I'm especially excited about for the next season...

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