Wednesday, November 21, 2007

If only I could make this last...

My friends have been here for four nights now. And three whole days. As a team, they've been busy busy. And after hours, after team meetings and devotions, some of the team members have been coming over for visits. This evening, Nan and Danette came and we played hand and foot.

An added bonus is that they had brought gifts from friends for my birthday, and we opened some of them on Sunday night and some tonight. There are some more, but I'm trying to make it last... As I am with their visit.

Having good friends here makes me feel normal again in so many ways. Being able to sit around and visit, laugh, play cards, talk about the challenges without having to weigh my words, because they know me well.

Ah! I am blessed. I cannot think of a better gift I could've gotten!

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