Thursday, October 11, 2007


Today is a national holiday in Taiwan. And in Kenya, it turns out. Not that we had the day off. There's a team here, plus we were planning a retreat. Tomorrow, some of us are taking the home-based care team on a retreat to the forest for some rest & relaxation as well as for planning the year ahead. I'm in charge of the team building/encouragement type stuff. So though we're going on just a short retreat, I have an Action packer full of games, a projector to watch a movie one evening, candles for when the solar power gets turned off at 10, snacks for everyone. It'll be fun, I know. But I am tired. I hope to get some rest in between events. Perhaps while they are doing planning, I can slip out and simply sit at the edge of the forest and be with God.

I think Flannel has no idea why I keep leaving. I think when I come back on Saturday evening, I'm going to lock the door and not show my face for a day and a half. If possible.

We went to see Hannah again this morning. She's doing well. In fact, she was in rare form. She was sitting outside, in the sun, on a tarp and a blanket. Her family takes her to sit in the sun every day. We visited and it was hard to see how the tumor is continuing to grow and invade her mouth. And we sang worship songs, read passages from the Bible, prayed together, laughed, and sang more.

So, in between team stuff and home visits and staff retreats, it feels like I've not gotten much done recently. But I know it's not true. At times, though, the editor in me wants to see the results of a month's hard work in form of three magazines, of radio shows and such.

But you can't measure life here tangibly. It's so very different. How do you measure encouragement and prayer, relational ministry and intercession? You simply cannot.

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  1. Hi Adele -- hope you are doing well. I have that CD in my possession and will send it to you hopefully on Monday of next week. I have been getting your mail. Thank you for such kind words, but when you know are doing work for the Kingdom I have my reward -- but that you so much for the reminder. Love ya much.