Friday, September 21, 2007

Things I miss tonight

Because I still have a cold, I miss home comforts tonight.

"I want to go for a drive," I told the interns this afternoon. "But not on our bumpy road. I want to drive to the lake. Watch the sun set. Buy pizza on the way home. Curl up on a couch. Fall asleep."

Not quite reality, I know.

It was a nice thought, nevertheless.

Other things I'm missing tonight, in no specific order:

* dinner dates with friends
* having close friends close by
* ice cream
* smooth roads (smooth enough to actually drink coffee without spilling)
* warm towels from the tumble dryer
* choices in places to go, things to do, friends to hang out with, movies to see
* long chats on the phone
* seeing the trees change colors
* the crisp feeling of the fall air
* early morning walks on smooth roads
* have I mentioned friends yet?
* going to book stores, sitting on the floor, and traveling through the pages of the books
* Beth Moore Bible studies
* Chinese food
* going to the symphony
* the smell of freshly-mowed grass
* getting mail from the mailbox right at the door
* coffee shops with good coffee and comfy seats and great ambiance where I can sit and work or even visit with friends
* drive-through banks
* online banking, online movie tickets, online shopping
* dependable electricity and water supplies
* toilets that flush well
* showers with great water pressure
* soaking in a hot tub
* take-out pizza
* Christian radio

As I write some of these things, I know that I know that I know that if I were in the US, I might miss:

* the bumpy roads in my Land Rover, and the balancing act of not getting my coffee spilled before I reach the main road, despite the fact that it's in a well-sealed travel mug
* sun-baked towels and clothing
* fewer choices
* the smell of the African soil after a rain storm
* the sound of crickets, frogs and the river
* the sunrise over the Kipkaren hills
* the sound of children shouting "Halloooooo!" as I drive by
* worshiping with someone in their meager hut and knowing God is there
* roadside fruit stands
* the trick of getting my instant hot shower working just right
* chai
* learning from my Kenyan neighbors what true faith looks like
* visiting with the kids in Ilula
* seeing things like God transforming a family down the road

And so I'll seek to be fully present in the moment. Enjoy what I have here and now.

But honestly?

Tonight, I miss some things from home.

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  1. This home misses you.
    I must say, though, I'm still refreshed from our chat on Sunday. I'll be praying for you, but also selfishly, that I get to have that again with you, soon, Friend! LY!